We stand at the precipice of a new era. Ahead of us, a massive, mechanical beast. It seems unavoidable. We must meet it head on. We must be prepared to…converge. Most of us are already there, actively participating in this idea of technological convergence culture, “where old and new media collide” *(see Jenkins, Convergence Culture for more insight). Many of us use social media to connect with our audiences; Facebook, Twitter, and E-blasts are standards in our marketing plans. We blog about rehearsals and events in an effort to bring a global audience into our theatres, and in doing so, we move our theatres out of the brick and mortar of their everyday existence and into the hearts and minds of people around the world. Today, we have the possibility of knowing not only what’s going on in our microcosm of the theatre world, we can compare and contrast, be inspired and inspire, grow and change with theatres across the nation and across the world. Theatre is about connection. It’s about bringing people together. And while most of us find the peak connection in bringing together community members to see a show, create a performance, or learn in a camp, it is important to consider how the landscape of space is changing. The physical space has always been, and will always be, an important component to the theatre arts, yet the virtual landscape has so much to offer.