Great Mobile Apps for Attendees

Twitter is a critical app for any conference attendee. A hashtag is a short tag that people use in tweets so that more people can follow the conversation, whether they are physically at the conference or stuck at the office. At the AATE Conference, we are using the following hashtag: #AATE14. Other hastags to follow are #ArtsEd, #Tweatre, and #ArtsAdcoacy. Join the conversation!

The number one activity of most conference attendees will be to take notes to get the most out of each session and event. There are plenty of note-taking apps available, but the favorite of most attendee's is Evernote. Don't forget any important information, quotes, and resources.

Real-world events usually require an outlay of real-world cash. That's where an app like Shoeboxed can come in handy. With Shoeboxed, you can snap pictures of receipts and Shoeboxed will automatically enter the date, total, payment type, store, and category of expense.

Minglebird is a mobile socializing application that makes meeting people a snap. Played at gatherings where "ice breaking" can be a chore, Minglebird makes mingling and networking fun. Using the iPhone app, players seek out assigned "connections" at events to win points and prizes, all while developing valuable social and business relationships.


Do you have an app that you can't live without? If so, tweet it to us at #AATE16.

Partially adapted from "10 Mobile Apps No Conference Attendee Should Be Without"