2016 Pre-Conferences

Pre-Conference A:


Interactive theatre is uniquely suited to lifting complex ideas from their textbook remoteness, and making them immediate and vital. In this pre-conference, participants will compare how diverse Applied Theatre methods offer vastly different ways of processing similar historical events. NYC’s Capacity Arts’ process drama Unanswerable Challenge immerses us in dilemmas faced by abolitionists in Antebellum Baltimore. In the newly renovated John Adams Courthouse Theatre Espresso’s T.I.E. piece The Trial of Anthony Burns challenges us to determine whether a Boston judge who followed the law (sending a fugitive slave back to Virginia) should be impeached. On the Freedom Trail we’ll examine Boston’s sites from the perspective of an African-American Colonialist. Share your insights throughout our journey as we meet historical figures—famous and lesser known—who were both shaped by and helped to shape history.

Pre-Conference B:

Access and Inclusion in 2016. Looking Forward. Looking UP.

This AATE Pre-Conference will provide a comprehensive exploration in a variety of environments. Which will provide attendees the opportunity to discuss where accessibility and inclusion intersect and the rich possibilities just on the horizon to reach a broad spectrum of students. We will hear from experts on the American's with Disabilities Act--which just celebrated its 25th anniversary, as well as on Universal Design for Learning. In the afternoon experience a fun learning model around reaching students through non-verbal communication techniques with special guest presenter Ali Stroker.

ADA 25+1

America’s ADA laws are trailblazing in their scope and purpose to recognize the civil rights of all citizens. Review what makes it so distinctive and inspiring in a casual, yet candid conversation withCharles G. Baldwin from the Mass Cultural Council and Nora Nagle from the Museum of Science.

Universal Design for Learning

Universal design for learning (UDL) is a framework to improve and optimize teaching and learning for all people based on scientific insights into how humans learn. UDL now influences policy and practice in the USA and abroad. In this fun and accessible lecture we will explore how the latest advances in brain science and teaching technologies have transformed our understanding of ability, disability and individual learning, offering an exciting educational future for everyone.

Non-verbal Communication in a Museum setting.

Shhh, No Talking. We’re in a Museum!

Join Ali Stroker, AATE Key Note and celebrated actor currently in Spring Awakening on Broadway, and Charles G. Baldwin, Mass Cultural Council’s Universal Participation Program Officer, as they use the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston as the inspiration for gathering information and sharing communication in non-verbal ways. Explore the MFA through scent, sound, and touch and then find new and innovative ways to share your experiences without your voice. A fun, physical workshop that offers one pathway to learning and storytelling that is physical and kinesthetic.