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Bully? It's Our Fault, By Haenaran Shin
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My name is Haenaran Shin, and I go to Robinson Secondary School, 8th grade. I think the world's biggest problem is not the starvation, poverty nor bully, it's the people being so selfish they don't care what's going on around them. 


Bully? It’s Our Fault.

Lights on.

About 5 silly girls are in a crowd.

A pretty girl walks in and sits down.

Pretty girl#1: (sad face) my clothes are so last season but my mom wouldn’t let me buy new clothes! This is painful!

Crowd#1: (looking at her sadly) (everyone says the line at the same time) awww! That’s so sad!

They freeze like a frozen picture.

Another crowd is on the other side of the stage.

Another pretty girl walks in and sits down.

Pretty girl#2: (sad face) why isn't my hair perfect? I think nobody likes my hair!

Crowd#2: (looking at pretty girl#2 sadly) awww! Everyone loves you!

Narrator walks in with an annoyed face (‘what the heck? What is wrong with them’ face).

Narrator: What? What is wrong with them? Why are they crying? What are they crying for? Stop it. Grow up. What do you guys know about feeling like nobody likes you? What do you guys know about pain? Stop trying to get people’s attention! You won’t be able to say anything after you hear about this bullied girl.

Black out.

Lights on.

Middle school hall way.So many people are passing.

A bullied girl named Sophie walks in and a bully crowd sees her.

Bully crowd: (walking towards Sophie and push her to the wall.) Look who’s here. It’s Sophie. Why did she come to school? Haven’t she figured out that she is not welcomed at all? (The crowd giggles. So many people are passing and glancing at them but no one bothers to say anything.)

School bell rings.

The leader of the crowd: Come on guys. Let’s go. We don’t have time to chill with this loser over here.

Bully Crowd: (laugh) Bye loser. Hope we don’t see you ever again.

Everyone is off-stage except for Sophie who is sitting on the floor sobbing.

Sophie’s crying gets louder and louder. She cannot help herself.

Then Sophie is frozen.

The Narrator walks in.

Narrator: Now what does it tell you? Stay there, there’s more. Let’s have a talk show with Sophie.

Black out.

Lights are on.

Sophie and the interviewer are sitting on chairs.

The interviewer is very solid and businesslike.

Interviewer: Hello, welcome to the talk show. Hello Sophie thank you for coming today to talk about your problem.

Sophie: (shy) um... hi...

Interviewer: So Sophie. Tell us about your problem. How does bullying make you feel?

Sophie: (sad face) well…it makes me feel like I don’t deserve to live. (About to cry but tries not to cry) Maybe that’s true… maybe I really don’t deserve to live and be loved. People stab me with pencils, push me, and laugh at me… no one’s on my side. No body. I cry every night, thinking I should just really die.

Interviewer: (takes this problem like if it’s no big of a deal.) Well why don’t you make friends? I’m sure that can solve your problem.

Sophie: But how..? Everyone thinks they’re too cool to hang out with me. There’s no one that accepts me. Nobody.

Interviewer: Come on.You'vegot to have SOMEBODY out there who stands out for you. Stop exaggerating it.

Sophie: (gets mad and disappointed) I am not exaggerating it at all! NOBODY stands out for me. It’s not my fault. They are either too cool or too afraid. Why are you guys taking about this like this is no big of a deal? Why is it not something serious to you?!

Interviewer: (gets mad at Sophie for yelling) How rude! How dare you yelled at me like that when I am spending MY time on YOUR problem! Say it’s not your fault? How irresponsible. You blame YOUR personal problem on other people! How rude and irre….

The narrator walks in, screaming "stop!”.

As the narrator walks in, everything freezes like a frozen picture.

Narrator: Stop!! Stop it! I cannot stand listening to that anymore! You all have to stop this right now! You guys think bullying is not your business or something that you are responsible to because you did NOT do anything. You are exactly right. You did NOT do anything, and that is why you are guilty. Guess who put so many bullied people into those bullying situations? Guess who made bullied people bullied and feel like they don’t deserve to live? The answer is YOU. YOU are the one who caused this entire problem. It’s not bullied people’s fault or even bullies’either. You could have at least said "Hi” to bullied people and make their day better. You could have at least told bullies to stop just for once. But you didn’t. We have the power to stop this but we are too busy being selfish. Now, let’s think about this again. IS BULLYING SOMETHING THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU?

Black out.

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