Young Playwrights for Change

TYA/USA & AATE Members:

Join us for Young Playwrights for Change 2017-18:

Rise Up: Fighting for Love and Inclusion in the face of Hatred and Bigotry

The Young Playwrights for Change project was started by TYA/USA and AATE and will continue under the leadership of AATE moving into this 5th year of the projects existence.

In Year 5, Young Playwrights for Change is looking for plays that explore what is means to show compassion, share empathy and become a positive force in one’s community. How do we as people address the divides that separate us and causes of so much animosity in our world?  Hatred and bigotry are aggressive attitudes and beliefs that greatly impact the lives of so many who live in our country. Often times they are formed on the basis of mis-information or lack of empathy. We are asking young playwrights to share their stories about how people have and can overcome their fears of being marginalized and targeted because of who they are. 

Deadline to Sign Up is October 21, 2017.

Deadlines, rules, guides, and other related documents can be found below.
YPC Theme and Style Guide

YPC Rules

YPC Creative Tips

2017-18 Young Playwrights for Change Play Submission Form

Thank you! And Best Wishes for a successful competition!

For any questions, please contact Alexis Truitt at [email protected].