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Take a Stand

In Year 7, Young Playwrights for Change is looking for plays that Take a Stand! Sometimes in life we see examples of an individual who doesn’t take a stand for an issue or problem. Rather the individual goes along with the status quo and does nothing and the problem continues. What is it like when someone does take a stand? What kind of change may happen in an individual to give them the courage to take a stand? How could a young person make such a discovery? What could that discovery make them do differently? We are asking young people to share their stories about taking a stand.

Deadlines, rules, guides, and other related documents can be found below:

Deadline for submitting winning play: February 1, 2020

YPC Rules

YPC Style Guide

YPC Creative Tips

Thank you! And Best Wishes for a successful competition!

Congratulations again to Olivia Bahrmasel and her YPC Winning play Social Borders. Please take a second to check out the performance of her wonderful show at this year's conference and an interview with Olivia herself!

For any questions, please contact Alexis Truitt at [email protected]