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Heidi Schoenenberger

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AATE Drama/Theatre International Special Interest Group

This SIG serves the interests of drama educators or theatre professionals who would like to form connections with colleagues in other countries. Through AATE’s membership in IDEA, international student exchanges can be developed, exchanges with theatre companies around the world can be created, and information about global teacher training workshops will be shared. This SIG will provide a platform for those who wish to share inter-cultural work in theatre and drama and those who wish to connect with IDEA, the International Drama/Theatre and Education Association, of which AATE is a member.

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*Note: AATE’s International SIG is continually striving to improve the list of resources we provide for members. Please email [email protected] with any additions, we realize our list is highly incomplete and rely on member contributions to be able to provide as many resources as possible.


International TYA festivals 


            -The World Congress(TYA’s Largest International Conference) is held every 3 years with the latest being held in Copenhagen/Malmoe May 2011. Meeting are scheduled annually.

Awesome Festival(Australia)

          -Annual Theatre Festival for children 6-16 years old located in Perth

Capital E!(New Zealand)

            -New Zealand’s largest festival featuring International work as well as newly commissioned pieces out of New Zealand

Come Out Festival(Australia)

-Multi-Arts festival located in Adelaide  South Australia

The Gathering

            -TYA Ireland’s yearly International conference

Imaginate Festival(United Kingdom)

            -Annual Festival held in Edinburgh, Scotland featuring European TYA

IPAY(International Performing Arts for Youth)(USA)

            -Annual Conference held in the US focused on brining International companies to tour in the US. Next Conference is scheduled for January 2012 in Austin, TX.

Out of the Box(Australia)

            -One of the largest Australian TYA festivals, held annually at the Queensland Performing Arts Centre

Questfest Visual Theatre Festival(USA)

            -Bi-Annual international theatre festival focused on showing a diverse collection of visual theatre performances from around the world.

Sydney Childrens Festival(Australia)

-Children’s festival focusing on community held bi-annually in Sydney


International TYA Playwrights 

Finnegan Kruckemeyer(Australia)

            -Award-winning Playwright based in Tasmania

David Wood(United Kingdom)

            -Award-winning Playwright based in London

International TYA Companies 

Imaginary Theatre(Australia)

            -Brisbane-based TYA company

Monkey Baa (Australia)

            -Acclaimed TYA located in Sydney

Oily Cart(United Kingdom)

            -Specializes in work for children with complex disabilities and early years theatre

Patch Theatre Company(Australia)

            -Focuses on Theatre for children age 4-8 years old

Polka Theatre(United Kingdom)

            -Located in London, Polka produces theatre for children 9 months and above

Starcatchers(United Kingdom)

            -Specializes in theatre for the very young

Windmill Theatre(Australia)

            -Known Internationally for innovative work in TYA for early years all the way to teenagers.


Additional International Resources 


            -International Association of Theatre for Children and Young People

Small Size Network(Europe)

            -Network of European Theatres in diverse countries who work in Theatre for the Very Young

Write Local. Play Global.

            -Playwrights Network for ASSITEJ

Young People and the Arts Australia(Australia)

            -National organization for young people and the arts in Australia