Family Inclusion Policy

AATE acknowledges the importance of families and parental obligations to many of our members. In order to assure the participation of all theatre educators, AATE is a safe space for the presence of children. However, AATE is not a space FOR children. In that spirit, we ask that caregivers who are with a child at AATE observe the following guidelines.     

  1. Please do not leave children unattended in any official AATE event at any time.

  2. Please remove young ones from any AATE event if they are distracting other members. Feel free to return when they are ready.

  3. If children are old enough to officially participate in an appropriate event, we ask that you let us know in advance, and if possible make a donation to cover the costs (please ask if you are not sure of the appropriateness or financial obligations of AATE for the event).

  4. Please do not bring your child to any official AATE events if they are sick (use common sense and follow what a public school would require regarding sick children).

  5. Feel free to connect with other members for informal childcare exchanges or any other needs. We know how hard it can be. We will try to share as many resources as possible at our venues, such as nursing spaces and nearby child-friendly activities.

  6. By attending an AATE event with a child under 18, you are agreeing to abide by this policy.

  7. Additionally, please complete our Minor Liability Release form found HERE.

Thanks, and may your children grow up to love Theatre!