AATE is a primary advocate for theatre education and theatre for young audiences in America. State Representatives of AATE advocate on a state and local level and keep our members aware of issues and events happening at the state level. Nationally, each year, AATE serves on the Legislative Planning Committee for National Arts Advocacy Day and attends alongside fellow national arts advocates to make legislators aware of the benefits of a complete and sustained education in the arts. AATE is also a member of Americans for the Arts Arts Education Advisory Council and the Arts Education Partnership Steering Committee.


Is the future of arts education in this country is clear? As theatre artists and educators, we have high hopes that the attributes of a comprehensive, sustained education in theatre including its emphasis on 21st skills such as collaboration, creativity, problem solving and communication will be enough to secure our future. Perhaps, the direct correlation of learning in the arts, particularly theatre, and accelerated test scores and graduation rates will be enough to make policymakers notice and appropriate funds to sustain our field’s good work. Or maybe it’s the love of art; the single piece of theatre that attracts a child or the drama class that encourages a young inner city girl to learn a monologue rather than join the gang that lurks locally. It will take all three plus one vital factor: more of us. We arts education advocates will stop at nothing to (1) articulate the value of an early and robust education in the arts in creating a well-rounded, globally conscious and civically responsible society and (2) motivate change. We do this well, but we need more advocates if we can even hope for a bright future. Please join our collective of educated, articulate advocates as we fight to make a place for theatre in every young person's life in America.


Arts ARE Education

Arts ARE Education is a new national campaign sponsored by the National Coalition for Core Arts Standards (of which AATE is a founding member) on behalf of arts education. The campaign focuses on the need for school districts to continue to fund and support K-12 arts education programs—including theatre—in the 2021-22 school year. Given expected state and district budget cuts, calls for remedial education in tested subject areas, and the continued need for PPE equipment, it is more important than ever that we speak up on behalf of theatre programs. Arts ARE Education is an initiative designed to activate advocates through four action steps:

To learn more about the campaign (and to sign the Pledge!), please visit here:


Be an #ArtsHero

Be an #ArtsHero is a 100% volunteer run, intersectional grassroots campaign comprised of Arts & Culture workers, Unions, and institutions in the United States pushing the Senate to allocate proportionate relief to the Arts & Culture sector of the American economy. 

There can be no full American economic recovery without an Arts & Culture Recovery. Be a part of the solution by calling your senator and local politicians or check out our action packet online! Be An #ArtsHero is in full support of any and all Arts relief legislation during this crisis.

As an individual, you and your platform are invaluable. In essence, with your reach, you have the capacity to do just as much work spreading the word and making this movement go viral as an arts institution.

Click HERE to learn more about how to get involved today!


Theatre In Our Schools Month Campaign

March has been officially designated Theatre In Our Schools Month (TIOSM), the time for advocating for and celebrating the great benefits of theatre education for youth development. The purpose of TIOSM is to raise awareness of theatre education's power not only to raise SAT scores, reading comprehension, and academic achievement, but also to stimulate innovation and creativity among students, the very foundation of America's rise to greatness. This is also a time to remind our country’s citizens that all students should have access to quality theatre education in their lives. ResourcesHere is a list of national resources that can help you. We are not alone - there are fantastic organizations that make it easy to contact your legislators, get a proclamation passed and other cool advocacy action steps. 

Join AATE's Advocacy Committee

Alongside our State Representatives, AATE members collaborate on ways to advocate - come together to voice a louder message. The committee meets via conference call four times per year. For more information contact AATE.