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An Investment Worth Making

American Alliance for Theatre and Education is paving the way for generations of individuals to be better prepared to live and work in today's competitive world. Every child--whether they are future artists, educators, construction workers, computer programmers, nurses, or CEOs--can benefit from the dramatic arts. Through performing and creating, they learn how to communicate effectively, develop problem-solving skills, and grow tolerance (better yet--positive curiosity and respect) for those different than themselves. 

Did you know that only 4% of elementary schools and 34% of secondary schools offer drama/theatre in the U.S.? That's in contrast to 91-94% and 83-89% of music and visual arts programs respectively. AATE is a passionate advocate of the powerful benefits of combining theatre and education for young people. We support the artists, educators, and scholars who bring the dramatic arts to our children, and we need your help to keep doing it. When you support AATE, you're not helping just one school performance, one theatre troop, one playwright, or one town, you are helping them ALL.   Currently, AATE has representation in 48 states--and growing--with the goal of 100% U.S. state participation. Our network of volunteers works tirelessly to advocate the importance of the dramatic arts to federal and state legislators, funding organizations, school administrators, and anyone else who will listen. Your contribution raises the volume of their voices, broadening our reach and expanding the opportunities for youth... exponentially.  

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