Leaders of Color Institute (LOCI)

AATE’s Leaders of Color Institute (LOCI) is a space for artists, teachers, arts professionals, administrators, and anyone who wants to learn from and interact with leaders in the field.

This dedicated space only for people of color will provide professional development opportunities that include peer exchange, artistic vision, and leadership skill development.

It is also an opportunity to share your work, successes, and challenges and make new connections with potential collaborators.

The LOCI will help shape the next generation of the arts to better reflect the communities’ present. 

LOCI Links:

LOCI 2023
LOCI 2022
LOCI 2021
LOCI 2021 Recording
LOCI 2020
LOCI 2020 Recordings

 If you have any questions, please contact Alexis Truitt at [email protected].