AATE Special Interest Groups

Overview »

Special Interest Groups are designed to provide forums for members from various networks with shared interests in particular topics to gather to share ideas, discuss contemporary issues, and identify strategies for collaboration to move the field forward. SIGs address topics that generally cut across Networks and would be of interest to members from a variety of different Networks.

Unlike AATE Networks, SIGs may be formed on a temporary basis to explore particular areas of interest that arise from time to time, or may exist in perpetuity. SIGs are established when the membership sees a need for collective exploration of a particular topic, and are dissolved when interest in that topic fades.

Membership »

All AATE members may participate in as many SIGs as they desire, or may choose not to join any SIG. Unlike Network membership, SIG membership is informal; members do not formally join SIGs as part of AATE registration process.

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