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Play Directories:

New Plays By Members: Download HERE

AATE Award Winning Plays: Download HERE


AATE Directory of Award-Winning Plays This resource is a compilation of award winning plays that have received the AATE Distinguished Play Award or have been selected for the AATE Unpublished Play Reading Project or the AATE Playwrights In Our Schools school residencies.  It also includes a list of the recipients of the AATE Charlotte Chorpenning Cup for lifetime achievement in playwriting for young audiences.  The directory can be downloaded from this page as a Word document or as a sortable Excel spreadsheet.  A searchable database version of the directory is in progress and will also be accessible from this page.

AATE New Plays by Member Directory All playwrights who are current members of AATE are invited to submit two synopses of up to 75 words each for this listing. Plays may be published or in-progress. Members may also submit listings for plays published within the last two years (2014, 2015, and 2016 for the 2016 directory). Listings are updated annually.  The directory can be downloaded from this page in a PDF format.  Updates from members were due July 1, 2020 for the 2020 directory and will be due June 1, 2021 for the 2021 directory. For more information on the AATE New Plays by Members Directory, contact [email protected].

AATE Playwrights In Our Schools Project Each year, an award-winning playwright is selected for a three-day residency in a Utah secondary school to develop his or her latest script, which receives a staged reading and workshop development with secondary students.  Through this process, students learn first-hand the process of new play development and are better prepared to write and refine their own plays. Applications will be due December 31, 2019.  For more information, contact John Newman, [email protected].

AATE Unpublished Play Reading Project This event takes place every two years.  Scripts are submitted in the Fall of even numbered years and the winning scripts are presented in scene readings at the AATE national conference in even years.  

Playwrights Slam Each year at the AATE National Conference, the Playwrights Slam offers a preview of new work by AATE member playwrights. Whether you are a new or established playwright, member artists are allowed five minutes to showcase their latest plays. Click here for video footage of the event.  

Publishers' Showcase Publishers who exhibit at the AATE national conferences work with the Playwright Network to identify new works important for the field. In odd-numbered years, scenes from these plays are presented at the AATE national conference.  For more information on the Publishers' Showcase at the 2021 AATE Conference, contact Jeremy Kisling, [email protected]


What Do Playwrights for Young Audiences Need to Know? Click here to find 21 answers from Sandra Fenichel Asher, Max Bush, Diane Crews, Carol Korty, Joanna Kraus, Judy Matetzschk, James Still, and Dorothy Webb.

How Can I Increase My Exposure On AATE's Website? AATE member playwrights can create their own personalized web pages to promote their latest work. For instructions, click here to download the PowerPoint document.  If you are experiencing difficulty with the download, you can also click here to view as a video clip.