Youth Theatre Journal

Youth Theatre Journal is a refereed journal that draws contributions from a wide and varied community of researchers, educators, artists, philosophers, administrators and theorists. It is the official scholarly publication of AATE. Youth Theatre Journal is published twice a year by Routledge/Taylor and Francis Group. All domestic AATE members receive a complimentary subscription to the Youth Theatre Journal, including mailed copies of the journal and online access to archived issues. Non-members and others wishing to subscribe to Youth Theatre Journal should contact Geraldine Richards a[email protected].


YTJ has briefly paused accepting submission to allow us to address how to best support AATE's Equity Diversity Inclusion Access goals. As we work to restructure our processes, we encourage those wishing to submit to YTJ to use an EDIA framework when writing, shaping, and enhancing the submission. Writing within an inclusive perspective may include but is not limited to: expanding the reference points to include those thinkers whose experiences, points of view, or work may have been overlooked or given short shrift by the dominant critical community. Similarly, we invite you to consider the perspectives of the audiences, students, artistic collaborators, or project creators when writing, and to work to embrace, elevate, and expand the reach of these voices and experiences to establish new criteria for the field.

We look forward to accepting submissions mid-October or early November 2021.

Back issues of YTJ must now be ordered directly from Taylor and Francis. 
Email [email protected].