Affinity Groups

You are invited to join the members of the Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Accessibility Committee and EDIA Co-Directors Joel Jason Rodriguez and Elena Velasco to discover strength in your identified community. Continuing conversations and connections from past years' affinity group formations, this space will help individuals, both new to AATE and those returning, discover intersections with others by probing questions that affect your community of origin and daily practices. As well, this practice will foster relationships that may be continued beyond the conference and help all maintain a focused awareness of equity, diversity, inclusion, and access in their lives.
There are countless identities that are present in our lives and that each of us hold. Members from the EDIA Committee connect with the following communities and have offered to host the following affinity groups. 
Latinx Community
LGBTQ+ Community
Black and Indigenous Community
Arts Administrators of Color
Parents, Family and Guardians of Trans Children
Physically/Neurologically Diverse and Disability Community
White Allies and Accomplices seeking to Dismantle White Supremacy 
If there is an affinity group that you wish to help facilitate that is not seen here,  please contact Jason y Elena at [email protected].  We welcome that space making. Thank you and we hope to connect with you soon!