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AATE COVID-19 Update

“'Til the world turns upside down!”
Lin Manuel Miranda (Hamilton)

Which is exactly where I feel we presently are. With constant updates of the Corona Virus (COVID-19) our daily lives continue to change as more places where we work, play, and go to school continue to shut down across the world as we fight to contain this fast-moving virus. I am writing to you from my house with my cat, Gato by my side. I am  very grateful all my family is faring well so far, while worrying about my 80+ year old parents and assisting them to adjust to a new virtual reality, things many of us across the world are experiencing.

As artists and educators have an undeniable resiliency and are incredibly generous. We provide audiences, students, and sometimes strangers with what they need, offer of ourselves and our art. Not because we must but because we are human. We WILL get through this together.

In the past week many things have shifted for us as an organization. Our scheduled April Symposium will be moving online, our Theater in Our Schools (TIOS) events have been postponed/or will move online. Additionally, our Board Member Alex Ates has compiled “Resources for Theatre Educators Teaching Online – The Latest” which can be found HERE. And our partner organizations have been providing resources like this national Teaching Artist Community Conversation: Covid-19 HERE. In this time of need we do want your guidance in what are immediate needs and what are long term. We will send a survey out in the coming weeks so that you can assist us in developing these tools, resource lists, or professional development opportunities that are needed. Additionally, find an evergreen list of resources HERE. If you have any additional resources you would like added to the page, please submit them through this link HERE.

And finally, for all those sheltering in place. I hope that in the center of this you find moments of zen and quiet. I know as theatre people we tend to live packed lives, but I hope instead you are able to be rooted in self, family, and friends (virtually perhaps). And when we find “normal” again may these moments have brought a deeper connection to ourselves, our family, our students, and our art.

May we be apart now that we can be together soon.

Stay healthy! 

 Best Wishes,

Alexis Truitt

Managing Director


Emergency Grants:

Digital Learning:

Resources for Theatre Educators Teaching Online -- The Latest:

Digital Learning Classroom Resources (The Kennedy Center): 

Goat in the Road Productions (Monte Mecham, 2017) is doing a very innovative program for classrooms and learning pods where they're publishing a series of lessons for playwriting and will then have their professional ensemble PERFORM some of the plays that are written!

The link w/ more info is here.

Other Arts Organizations Resource Lists:


I have the full one for this trailer. 
First 15 and half minutes
Cecily O’Neill:. Can combine this with the Heathcote video. 
Sarah Elizabeth Lewis, Harvard:
On Creativity and Social Justice, keynote Texas
Michael Rohd

Teaching Artist COVID-19 Community Conversation (Arts in Education Roundtable):

Teaching Artist COVID-19 Community Conversation (3.13.2020) from NYC Arts in Education Roundtable on Vimeo.