Leaders of Color Institute (LOCI) 2022 Recordings

Friday, December 2nd:

Welcome and Opening Keynote Panel

Dr. Daphnie Sicre (she/ella) is an Assistant Professor in the Theatre Arts Program. Focusing on Afro-Latinx performance, she completed her Ph.D. at NYU in Educational Theatre in 2017. José Casas is a playwright and Associate Professor who heads the Playwriting Minor in the Department of Theatre & Drama at the University of Michigan. He is a member of the Dramatists Guild as well as a Board Member of Children’s Theatre Foundation of America.

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Saturday, December 3rd:

Raising Standards for Intercultural Competency in Theatre Education Leadership (presented by Kiyoko Sims)

Intercultural competencies are key assets that help leaders and educators to effectively adapt and navigate in diverse work environments. They are also essential to the well-being of our global society, where multiple viewpoints and values intersect. In this workshop, the participants will be introduced to the framework of Cultural Intelligence (CQ - Cultural Quotient), one of the leading cultural competency models. We will first unpack how the four factors of CQ, Drive, Knowledge, Strategy, and Action, will look in the educational setting. Second, through small group work, the participants will have an opportunity to examine a critical moment from field examples and explore how they may want to resolve the moment through CQ capabilities. Finally, the participants will envision what culturally intelligent leadership and teaching looks like in their learning environment and reflect on why intercultural competency matter to leaders and educators.

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Lose Control: Cultivating Spaces Against Domination in Professional Settings (presented by Jasmine L. Games)

In this interactive workshop, we will come together to discuss how domination functions in professional and theatre settings. We will 1) name lived experiences of domination in our professions, 2) take ownership of the ways we perpetuate domination, and 3) co-construct a vision for spaces in professional and theatre settings that rejects domination through a series of dialogic and writing activities. Join me as we write and dream about the ways we can communally reach organizational successes without subjugation.).

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Closing Keynote Panel with Dawn M. Simmons and Idris Goodwin 

Dawn M. Simmons (She/Her/Hers) is a holder of multiple hats and spinner of many plates as a freelance director, playwright, administrator, cultural consultant, educator and Co-Producing Artistic Director of Front Porch Arts Collective. Driven by a passion for cultural impact and civic engagement, Idris Goodwin currently serves as Artistic Director of Seattle Children’s Theater.

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