Regional Conferences


  • Step One: Please submit your interest in the below form. (Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.)
  • Step Two: Alexis and the Regional Programming Director will set up a meeting to discuss your submission.
  • Step Three: You will be sent a Memorandum of Collaboration (MOC) and access to all applicable logos.

Theatre In Our Schools (TIOS) Financial Support Policy 
(Updated 2016)

The AATE Board of Directors has approved the use of operational funding to support Theatre In Our Schools (TIOS) regional conference and events. The approved purpose of these funds is to support: A) creating professional development opportunities for participants; B) advocacy programming in conjunction with the National Theatre In Our Schools Month initiative; and C) efforts to increase attendance and participation in TIOS activities by individuals who otherwise might not be able to participate. These expenditures may include, but are not limited to, marketing materials, printing of collateral materials (programs, flyers, handouts), space rental, scholarships, presenter and keynote fees, accessibility services, and other supplies.

Theatre In Our Schools (TIOS) regional conference and event budgets are drafted by the regional conference and event planning chairs, in consultation with the AATE Regional Programming Director and Director of Operations. To guarantee consideration for TIOS funding support, a draft budget should be submitted with event proposals at least 6 months in advance of the proposed TIOS event for approval by the AATE Treasurer in consultation with the AATE Executive Committee. A final budget must be submitted no later than 10 weeks in advance of the event. Approval of any regional conference and/or event budgets, or added budget expenditures for previously approved budgets, submitted after 10 weeks is at the discretion of the AATE Treasurer. In addition to any earned or contributed revenue for each event noted in the approved regional conference or event budget, AATE will financially support the TIOS conference or event through funds allocated in the organizational budget. These funds are NOT guaranteed and may fluctuate each fiscal year. 

It is the policy of AATE that these expenditures meet the criteria set forth by the AATE Board of Directors listed above.  

If you are not sure of the exact details of your event, make best possible estimates (or guesses or daydreams) at this time. But please submit an application so that we can begin to work with and support you on this event. For the BUDGET TEMPLATE, click HERE.

Things to Note:

  • All budgets should be submitted no less than 6 weeks prior to an event (ex. The event is to happen in March, we will need the budget in January). 
  • All interest forms should be submitted no less than 10 weeks prior to an event. 
I Would Like to Host A TIOS

If you have any questions, please contact Alexis, AATE Managing Director at [email protected].