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Session Block 1 (9:30-10:45 am)
Building a Case for Youth-Centered Programming

Working with young people requires consistency, and consistency in programming and resources often requires building a case for outside support. This panel of Bay Area, State and National funders will talk about successful trends and tips they've seen in youth-centered programming.
Emily Miller, Director of Strategic Partnerships & Programs at Theatre Forward
Francis Phillips, Program Director for Arts and the Creative Work Fund at the Walter and Elise Haas Foundation
Josy Miller, Arts Education Programs Specialist at the California Arts Council

Session Block 2 (11 am-12:15 pm)
a) Youth Voice Center Stage - Explore ways in which you can create or adapt programming to encourage and cultivate the creative voice in young writers.
Anthony Jackson, Manager of Community and Training Programs, BRT
Cleavon Smith, Playwright & Young Writers of Color Collective Mentor
Katie Craddock, Dramaturg & Artistic Associate, BRT

b) Advocacy Day: Local edition – In collaboration with Create CA, California’s Statewide Arts Education Coalition, we will host a discussion that moves toward action plans around youth arts advocacy within our own programs and throughout our larger communities. The Advocacy Committee is a small group of people from Berkeley Rep’s Teen Core Council that focuses on community engagement and dialogue for change. Having recently attended the California Arts Advocacy Day in Sacramento, CA, this group of teens will share moments of the trip that were meaningful to them as artists and activists.
Teen Council Members
Si Mon’ Emmett, Education and Youth Programs Associate, BRT

Session Block 3 (2-3:15 pm)
a) Berkeley Rep Teen Council: A Peer Leadership Model – These young arts advocates will walk through activities geared towards peer leadership and discuss ways in which their committee of a few teens has made a larger impact on the Berkeley Rep School of Theatre--and beyond. On your feet…
Teen Council Members
Zandra Starks, Education Fellow, BRT

b) Barriers to Access: The Price of Artistry – What are they? Join us for a multilayered discussion around the barriers and solutions to get young people to show up, participate and the different measures of success in youth programming.
Rachel Hull, Director, Berkeley Rep’s School of Theatre
Tassiana Willis, Alameda County Office of Education Artistic & Youth Advocacy Specialist

Bay Area Youth Dialogue: Arts Programming Wins and Fails (3:30-4:45pm)
“What sets you up for success?” Young people from Berkeley Rep’s Teen Core Council and Young Writers of Color Collective will host a conversation with Bay Area youth around programming strategies that center their voices. The panel will conclude with a Q&A from the audience.

Reading of New Work (5-6 pm)
Join us as young performers and professional artists bring to life the words of teens participating in programs centered on youth voice around the Bay Area.
Anthony Jackson, Program Manager, Training and Community Programs, BRT

Sunday, October 20th

Creating Safe and Brave Spaces: Through Policies and Culture (8:30-9:30)
A discussion of best practices in creating the wide range of spaces our young people need, from physically safe spaces in their communities, to brave spaces where they can tackle big ideas and challenging concepts, to the policies that support this work. And an in depth discussion of what tools we provide our students to advocate for themselves and others outside the safe and brave spaces we’ve created together.
Rachel Hull, Director, Berkeley Rep’s School of Theatre
Hannah Dworkin, Director of In School Programs, Bay Area Children’s Theatre