2020 AATE National Conference
July 23 - August 2, 2020


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Accomplice Training 

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Date and Time
Monday, July 27-Wednesday, July 29th

  • Monday 5pm to 8pm (EDT)
  • Tuesday 5pm to 8pm (EDT)
  • Wednesday 12pm to 4pm (EDT) 
    and 6-8pm (EDT)

(This fee goes in its entirety to support the Arts Administrators of Color Network)

AATE has joined with the Arts Administrators of Color Network (AAC) to present the first-ever Accomplices Leadership Institute (ALI) during the AATE 2020 conference.

ALI is an intensive for white arts leaders who are:
- Tired of conversations about diversity
- Committed to “doing the work,” but not quite sure how
- Interested in learning about the history of white supremacy in the arts
- Looking to acquire resources, tools, and techniques to combat racism and dismantle white supremacy
- Seeking a national network of fellow accomplices

The Institute will be virtually convened, Monday, July 27 through Wednesday, July 29. Over three half-day sessions, facilitators will build an environment of learning through self-reflection and healthy risk-taking; participants will examine their personal complicity in white supremacy, learn strategies to dismantle white supremacy in the arts, engage in visioning exercises for creating an equitable arts field, and begin imagining strategies and action steps for their organizations.

If you are interested in learning more about the Accomplices Leadership Institute, visit http://aacnetwork.org/accomplice-leadership-institute/.

Master Classes

MASTER CLASS A: Teaching Artistry Today: Holding Space and Designing Process

Presenters: Michael Rohd and Willa Taylor
(Director of Education and Engagement at Goodman Theatre)

Friday, July 24th, 3pm-6pm (EDT)

In its work with artists, educators and community workers around the US, sojourn theatre has spent significant time observing and addressing a need for clarity around the contributions teaching artists (and designers, culture makers and heritage holders) can make in community settings. Artist assets are often seen as discipline specific and inseparable from a their creative output; the truth is that artists often have process tools that are unique, idiosyncratic and deeply useful in all sorts of public good collaborations. This interactive workshop shares a process for inviting community participants and creative practitioners to consider imaginative, collaborative, expressive assets in an expansive way, and to broaden how they imagine potential collaborative work in community.  In this hands-on workshop, participants will experience a wide-range of drama strategies and theatre-making processes, that can be used to build ensemble, establish contracts, democratize space, promote inclusion, pursue equity, and encourage participation in difficult conversations.

This is not an antiracism training- we are not expert in that work. We include recommendations and contact information for those who do offer that training and consulting in the resource list we share as part of all our workshop. Our organizational commitment to dismantling systemic racism means that our approach to process, facilitation and holding space is rooted in creative methods and inquiries that are urgently inclusive.  We work and hold ourselves accountable to the work of anti-racism; we also know that participants are all at different spaces on the continuum of the journey to being autonomously active as agents of antiracism - in our workshops, we co-imagine, with intentionality, next steps on those journeys for individuals, organizations and project teams. 

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