2020 AATE National Conference
July 23 - August 2, 2020


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 Session Block Listings

Click on the session block below to see the descriptions of all of the sessions for that Session Block.

Session Block 1 (Friday, July 24th from 12-1:15pm (EDT))


Session Block 2 (Friday, July 24th from 1:45-3pm (EDT))

Session Block 3 (Saturday, July 25th from 1-2:15pm (EDT))

Session Block 4 (Saturday, July 25th from 2:45-4pm (EDT))

Session Block 5 (Friday, July 31st from 1-2:15pm (EDT))


Session Block 6 (Friday, July 31st from 2:45-4pm (EDT))

Session Block 7
 (Saturday, August 1st from 2-3:15pm (EDT))

Session Block 8 (Sunday, August 2nd from 1-2:15pm (EDT))

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