2020 AATE National Conference
July 23 - August 2, 2020


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Friday, July 24th

Trauma Informed Teaching

Playwriting for Social Change 

 Saturday, July 25th

Sex & Consent on Campus: Devising with Undergrads in "Roleplay" 

The Wisdom of Play: Theatre Games and Executive Functioning 

Don't Kiss Me Kate  

Crafting Stories that Serve Your Diverse Classroom, Curriculum, and Life! 

It's Just a Joke: Microaggressions in K-8 Improvisation & Theater Games  

Poster Session:

Project-Based Learning in Theatre with Notes

A Welcoming Space for Whom

Theatre as a Vehicle for Healing Intergenerational Trauma within the Ukrainian Canadian Experience

Teen Actors - Developing Empanty with Amoral Characters

Extended Performance Engagement Poster

Creating Opportunities for Student Interaction and Networking through Dramatic Inquiry

Friday, July 31st

Level Up Your Engagement: Deepening Impact

Saturday, August 1st

Visionary Communities: Supporting Individual Identities within our Theatre Education Community  

Developing Impactful Sensory Friendly Theater Programs through Collaboration with  Occupational Therapists

Visible Relationships, Feminist Frameworks and New Hospitalities 

New Guard Panel

Jorge J. Rodriguez - Devised Theater and Social Change

Amanda Brown - Heartbreaking and Continuously Frustrating

Claire Redfield - Rocks in the Riverbed

Judy Norton - Drama New Zealand Primary Project

Sunday August 2nd

Developing Theatre Curriculum for Remote and Hybrid Learning 

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